Effects Of Breast Enhancement – Social And Professional

natural breast enhancementAlthough it’s sad when you think about it, and no man would probably admit it face to face the fact is that there are many social benefits that come with having large breasts. Because not all women are genetically designed to fit into big cup sizes, some will always receive less attention.

There is more to a woman than curves and general appearance but before you engage in a conversation that is the first thing anyone notices. Nothing wrong with this from a biological standpoint, if it stops there. We are all built to be attracted to pleasant shapes but we should also be evolved enough by now to be objective when it comes to someone’s personality.

It’s hard to conduct any studies that could give accurate results about favoritism matters because many are ashamed to speak their mind out of fear of public perception. Although there is no science to back it up, people’s personal experiences are quite known. A woman that has a larger breast size will always have more suitors and get more attention. Although it’s not always convenient to be constantly noticed and bothered it can come in handy during a job interview. Just face it. Big boobs are distracting to both men and women that prefer the fairer sex.

These things lead to women always being focused with putting a spot light on the first thing everyone notices. Because not all have a natural condition to develop large breasts, some choose to take action and resort to artificial or natural enhancement methods. Depending on money or desired size, some spend more than others to achieve what society has labeled as better or more attractive.

A great part of the blame should be put on media and entertainment. Many celebrities set the bar for fitness and good looks and people these days love to eat all that up. Whenever an actress shows off a big pair of breasts suddenly the trend is set. A lot of women keep forgetting the amount of makeup and photoshop involved in those perfect pictorials or videos, movies, and commercials.

Nevertheless, breast enhancements are more and more popular to self-treat insecurities. Although on some levels, society knows how unnecessary and shallow these procedures are, not enough noise is made or action taken. Those that prefer large breasts are not going to take a vote and say ok this is enough and most of those against breast enhancements choose not to speak their mind probably in fear of disappointing close ones that think differently.

Overall there are probably more benefits to increasing your cup size than drawbacks (not taking into consideration medical risks). The chances of getting noticed for better jobs or being treated better by random people are high and are always welcomed. The unwanted attention that may come from douches or sexually frustrated people can always be resolved. Even though this kind of thinking should not be encouraged by any means, it can provide an easier journey through life if it’s really something you desire.

Maybe as the time goes by, society will eventually grow over this state of constant pubescent behavior and thinking, and looks may be put aside in all areas non-sexual related. No one should be aware that a physical difference related to esthetics, lowers their chances of happiness of success.